Interior Design Ideas for Kitchen Renovation

One of the most intriguing challenges that an interior designer will ever face is that of setting up a modern kitchen while managing the space properly. Unlike earlier, modern families are no longer staying in large bungalows or mansions where you have more than enough space to play with. Most modern apartments require excellent space management skills. This has forced designers to come up with new and innovative ideas which don’t only save space but also allow you to fit in as much as possible into a kitchen.

Apart from this, one other thing that an interior designer has to take into account is the use of colour. If you go online and look at kitchens, you will find colours to play a very important role in kitchens today. Even though white is still the most common colour when it comes to kitchens, darkish colours are quickly catching on as well and it is only a matter of time before they are at par with white.

Interior Design Ideas for Kitchen Renovation

As an interior designer you may be tempted to use dramatic colours in order to keep the boredom of everyday stuff like cooking away. A clever combination of colours will certainly help any kitchen stand out. The only thing you will need to be careful of is ensuring the colour of the cabinets match with the other parts of the kitchen. You can be innovative, but only till a certain point. The style of the cabinets are going to have an important role to play here as well. You could choose to paint the walls in a contrast colour or go with something subtle instead. This is where neutral colours come into the picture. Who knew the job of an interior designer was so tough?

An interior designer can also consider adding some ceramic backsplash or tumbled marble for an added effect. This will definitely give the kitchen some cohesion and will ensure the cabinets no longer stand out as odd.

The next thing on the list will be the kitchen doors. People usually look at getting plain doors when it comes to their kitchens. This is even more true when the kitchens are small ones. But as an interior designer, you have the power to make a difference here. You can implement some innovative design ideas that would not only help the kitchen look bigger but would also ensure the overall look of the kitchen is uplifted as well. And lastly, the handle knob. This is something that many people tend to ignore and a lot of clients would not even care which way you go. But choosing the wrong knob for the kitchen may just end up ruining the entire look of the place. So be very careful while making this choice. So what are you waiting for? Now that you have a few ideas as to what interior designers look at while designing a kitchen perhaps it is time you got started as well? Or maybe you would be better off hiring someone to do it for you?

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