Starting an Interior Design Career in Australia

You may have a flair for interior design & may have even dreamed of starting an interior design business of yours in the past. Maybe you have the required creative instincts to make it work. But you will need much more than natural ability if you want your business to be successful. You will obviously need to get some experience and that will only happen once you have been trained by a recognized design school. Let’s take a look at the steps to starting an interior design business of your own:

Analyse your Interests, Learning Curve & Flexibility

The first thing that you are going to have to look at is your study habits and work schedule. Do you already have a full time job? If so then you’ll need to look for schools which have flexible schedules and also include weekends or evenings. You will also need to consider the location of the school at which you wish to study. Is it far from where you currently live? Is getting there going to be a problem? It will obviously be more beneficial for you if you can find a school that is nearby.

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Choosing the right Design School & Course

If you are not being able to find any schools nearby that suit your schedule then perhaps you should consider going in for an online interior design course? These courses may just be the only choice for many people but it is recommended that you put in sufficient research before choosing which one you want to take up. It is very important for you to sign up with courses that are offered by accredited schools. If you go through the process of getting a degree from a non-accredited school, the qualification might not help you out too much in the long run.

Have a Budget and Explore the Options

There are a number of disciplines that are related to a course in interior design as well. These include computer technology, aesthetic, presentation skills, function, social disciplines, specialised performance and many other professional disciplines. You will need to understand your client’s objective, budget and timeline if you are to do a good job. You will also have to be good at preparing hand sketches and use computer software to prepare preliminary designs and concepts. Once the designs are approved, you will need to be able to generate the floor plan & specifications with regard to any alternations, finishing and furnishings.

Starting your Career – Get the right Start

You will start out by working at a design firm. This is where you will make contacts and get much needed experience. Once you are confident of your abilities and are able to get customers on your own, you could consider going solo and starting out your own business. As it grows, you could one day become the interior designer who is hiring young graduates who want to get experience and build their contacts. Once you’ve reached this stage, you can say you’ve made it as an interior designer.

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