5 Secrets To Perfecting Your Interior Design Mix With Wooden Floors

When decorating your wooden floor it is important to create a variation in pattern, colour, texture, and style. Observe this guidelines to create a great impression. It’s a great idea matching your wooden floors with your furniture. Unfortunately this might not be practical in many homes as people are likely to mix up their rooms with time. As years pass they inherit or purchase new items creating a whole new array of finishes.

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1. Check out the undertones 

Wooden finishes need not necessarily match however, they should be complementary of one another. That is the floor, furniture or walls. Ensure that the color complexion is cool or warm. Regardless of the finishing ensure the undertones match. For instance your coffee table may be darker than the wooden floor, nevertheless, the warm overtures blend in perfectly.

2. Flow With the Grain

The different wood designs might feature a certain grain; strive to maintain similar patterns. This sets a uniform mood in the entire room. When the wood grains are larger there is a strong aura of casualty created. When the grains are finer, the idea portrayed is formality.

3. Use a Buffer

When you place a wooden table atop a wood floor, the dissimilarity immediately draws attention. It’s advisable to add something in between such as a carpet or rug. This creates some breathing space for the two designs and smooths the transition. You can use vintage or traditional carpet to create a very classical interior mood.

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4. Do not overdo

Always limit your choices to a couple or triple wood finishing to start with. Replicate the finishes a few times throughout the room, this makes the place look less chaotic. A general feel of balance is achieved that makes your home unique and still attractive. You can match a light wooden floor with dark wood chairs. Alternate the color tones while ensuring that they feature randomly across the room.

5. Doubtful? Go White

The color white and wood are a healthy combination. It’s like a magical combination, similar to tomatoes and basil. Those with a variety of wood tones realize that the place looks nutty. Feel free to intersperse some white parts with paint or furnishings to break up the crazy wood design clash.

matching outdoors to wooden floors

Thing to Consider

Interior design is easy as long as you are able to identify the different wood applications for your home. For those who are not familiar with the complexities of interior design, an easy solution is to purchase neutral furniture. They will blend with your wooden floors perfectly.

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