5 Tips to Make Small Home Rooms Look Bigger

The recession has caused small homes to quickly make a comeback as opposed to larger homes. One of the reasons for this may just be an increased concern for the environment. Small houses do require less material to construct and use lesser resources over their life and leave a smaller footprint. With this rise in demand for these smaller homes, both builders & interior designers have started looking at ways in which they can maximize space and ensures homeowners have homes that meet all their needs irrespective of its size.

Simple 5 Interior Design Tips for BIGGER looking Space

A few small homes feel a lot bigger than others even when they are the same size. The homes which appear to be larger have some things in common. All of them certainly make best use of square footage which is available. Some just enhance functionality of a room while others can even trick the eye to thinking a room is bigger than it is.

5 Tips to Make Small Home Rooms Look Bigger
5 Tips to Make Small Home Rooms Look Bigger

1. High ceilings – They really can make rooms look a lot bigger than they are. The height automatically draws our eyes up and take the attention away from the rooms dimensions. The effect can be heightened by adding light coloured walls.

2. Open floor plans – These plans don’t have too many walls which are what makes rooms look closed in and small. Looking at large open areas automatically make areas appear larger than they are. Size, placement and furniture use may affect the feel as well.

3. Multi-purpose rooms – Rooms that can serve multiple functions are a great design tool which a lot of homeowner’s have started enjoying irrespective of how big their homes are. For example, a study can double as a guest room, a living room can have a desk or a home theatre can have a pull-out sofa bed.

4. Windows & mirrors – Windows let you look outside and let natural light in. Both these features can help make a room look larger than it is. Window treatments should be kept light & simple. A heavy curtain will unnecessarily make a room feel heavy. Sheer curtains can blend into the walls & recede while letting light in. Blinds & shades are good too for blocking out light and are streamlined and neat. You can even consider putting a mirror opposite a window so as to reflect natural light & increase the view of the outside.

5. Built-in storage РThis is a great way to make the maximum use of space. Instead of putting a dresser in your bedroom, create custom closet solutions which provide shelves, shoe racks, drawers & rods to hang clothes. This can free up space in a room. Saving space in a kitchen by simply adding a countertop & bar stools to the eating area can get rid of the need of having a large dining table & chairs.  You can combine all of these solutions in order to make a small home look a lot bigger and more functional.

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